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Course Information (cont)

Course Information (cont)

  • Training will be under the currently adopted 2023 NEC and 2023 OESC (Oregon Electrical Specialty Code).

  • 10 training sessions, each 4 hours long, one night per week.

  • You will receive a "Zoom" invite in your email about 30 minutes before each class.  Click on the "Zoom" link in the email and you will be in the program.

  • This interactive program allows training information to be shown on the screen and allows me to see each attendee.  You will need to make sure your computer has a camera and sound mic. 

  • Training includes a notebook with class and homework material in addition to practice code questions and calculations.

  • Training will provide information for applying and taking the State of Oregon General Supervisor Test and Plant Supervisor Test.

  • The training course is for individuals who have a minimum of 8,000 hours of qualifying work-related hours and currently hold a State of Oregon General Journeyman Electrician License or Plant Journey License.

  • Persons with other State Electrical Licenses can be accepted if approved by an application to the State of Oregon Building Codes Division,

  • Calculations will include multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, multi-use buildings, industrial facilities, and individual situational calculations.

Required Material

  1.   2023 NEC code book or handbook

  2.   2023 Tom Henry's Key Word Index or Ferm's Fast Finder

  3.   2023 Ugly's Electrical References Book

  4.   Non-printing or non-memory calculator

  5.   Pencils and erasers

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